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We take your ideas from dream to reality with our broad multi-disciplinary engineering

Concept Development, Electronics, Software, Rapid Prototyping

Founder of The Geekery

Co-working and hi-tech workspace in Margate, UK

Sharing the joy of technology

Working out of Margate, Kent just over an hour from London at the sharp end of the creative corridor.


The Geekery, Fullers Yard, Victoria Road, Margate, Kent CT9 1NA


What I loved about working with Matt, was the freedom to think up whatever I wanted; no idea too big! Matt would just make it happen... somehow! It's like finding a magic lamp.

Umut Gunduz

As an artist, ideas are second nature. However, to make certain ideas reality often involves complex design and working out. This was the case with an idea I had for an exhibition in 2019, "Object-ibity", exploring the potential to create a 3D image from a 2D photograph. Matt helped me bring the concept to full potential by taking my image and rendering it in VR. It is safe to say, I wouldn't have been able to express my idea without Matt's techical know-how and knowledge of spatial construct.

Kim Conway

Creative Projects

The Space Below, Lee Berwick & Emma Critchley, March 2020 (Webpage/Facebook)

The World Is Yours, Umut Gunduz, October 2019. An augmented reality installation (Webpage)

Concave/Convex an Experiment in Augmented Reality with Kim Conway, July 2019 Object-ivity, Offshoot Gallery, London 2019

Browser-based Augmented Reality creative enabler at Resort Studios 2019

Reform: Plastic recycling machines, 2019 (Isle of Thanet News)

Turner Contemporary Art Gallery: Autonomous Social Media Display, 2018(Blog Post)

Footlocker Selfie Maker Photo Booth, 2017

Python Minecraft Challenge, 2017 teaching kids to code at GEEK Festival

Songbird.London Social Media Display: Brit Awards, Luna Cinema etc.

Cisco Live Keynote multi-device connection, 2014 (Digital AV Magazine)

Sony Mobile Phone Video Wall, 2013 (YouTube Report)

IPTV Install and Operate Wireless Festival, Olympics & Madonna, Hyde Park, 2013

Chanza Chanzo Logo | Bespoke Technology Solutions

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